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A new look

Thursday, 13th September 2018 ◆ Drank tiswin for some cheap aches (6)

As much as I liked the simplicity of my old site, I have wanted to redesign it for a while. Well, a while has come around and I've settled on a new look. It's still simple, but now I've got a blog! I'm hoping to write posts about the things that interest me, with the vague goal of improving my ability to write clearly. Let's see how this pans out...

Before Before
After After

For templating, I have opted for Haml. I discovered it recently and it really clicked with me. It's clear, readable and looks nothing like JSP. Win, win, win! Even just comparing it to basic HTML, my brain finds Haml much easier to scan.

    %h2 A new look
    %span.subheading Thursday, 13th September 2018
        As much as I liked the simplicity...

I'm writing the blog posts with Markdown, of which I'm a big fan. I've made some modifications to Parsedown (the PHP engine I'm using to convert to HTML) to allow me to add figure headings on the images, for example. The plaintext versions of the posts will all be available too.

The rest is pretty standard fare. One can always rely on the trusty LAMP stack!


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