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Fictional games

Saturday, 9th January 2021 ◆ Enthusiast arranges stay in dream (7)

I almost exclusively read fantasy, and I love richly developed worlds which include linguistic, geographic and cultural detail. I am also a fan of board games, and as such I am particularly excited by the creation fictional games for such worlds. I have thought that creating the rules to a fictional game would make for an excellent game jam theme.


Out of the blue

Friday, 27th November 2020 ◆ Innards: icy and blue (4) ◆ Comments (1)

A fourth set of specials has now come to Wodka: the Blues. This now means we can have games in which every card has an effect... it's complete chaos, but I like it!

Here's what they look like:

New specials out of the blue

As ever, we feature increasingly tenuous iconography.

My favourite new card is the Blue 7 (everyone discards a card). I'm really excited for the moment when both members of a team successfully complete a Grand Wodka with it, pulling off a comeback history has never seen. Let's hope I don't end up sabotaging my future teammates trying to make this a reality...

Reading the screen

Wednesday, 18th November 2020 ◆ Detain for finite arrangement to find differences (15) ◆ Comments (2)

I used to play a lot of Age of Empires when I was younger, but I had largely forgotten about the game until my brother suggested we try playing the definitive edition, which released a couple of years ago.

In the main, it's been a joy to rediscover the game. Despite being over 20 years old, the game is still great. I admit that my enjoyment of the game may be coloured by nostalgia, but even still I think there is one key factor which its sequels have gotten "wrong".


My take on chess

Tuesday, 17th November 2020 ◆ A king who chews will be the one to settle it (7) ◆ Comments (2)

I think chess is a fun game, no matter that I'm wholly awful at it. I approach chess as I would approach any of the genre of modern European board games which have recently become popular (Agricola, Dominion, Puerto Rico, and so forth). That is to say, I don't think too far into the future and I don't take too long to make my decision.

I don't think this is necessarily a problem, and I'm more than content to play at this level. Games can still be close and exciting, against like-minded players. However, a player who wants to be good at the game, will probably not be able to achieve that with their own brainpower.


Kangaroo leaves home

Wednesday, 4th November 2020 ◆ Perform again about a court (5)

On a late-night whimsy, I decided to buy kangaroo.games in order to move Kangaroo to its own domain. For starters, "xikka" is difficult to spell and pronounce, and for seconds I think it was a bit weird that Kangaroo appeared like an add-on to what is essentially a personal blog.

I plan to keep adding games, improving Kangaroo as I go. One day I would love Kangaroo to see a large number of players, and this is one step in the right direction!


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