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It's not easy being green

Sunday, 20th March 2022 ◆ New eco-friendly meadow (5) ◆ Comments (1)

I created some Green specials for Wodka last Summer themed around the idea of specials that were all negative in some way. For example, if you won a trick with the Green 8, the lead passes to the next player instead. This wasn't consistently applied throughout the set (and indeed people joked that the Grreen 6 - reverse the direction of play - has almost no impact on the game).

Seeing green

They did not go down well at all, and people almost never wanted to play with them! They were quite frustrating to play with, whereas good special should feel fun and exciting. Armed with a new concept, partner interaction, I went back to the drawing board.

Getting the green light

This new set is a whole lot more interesting! My personal favourites:

Along with blues, blacks and the classic reds, we now have a full complement of suits available!


tann ◆ Sunday, 17th April 2022 at 21:04

I missed this post! I'm an avid Wodka-player and enjoy the greens, thanks a lot for redesigning them.