Spellsmith is a quaint and challenging adventure puzzle game for iOS and Android.

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The greedy goblin King has stolen your magic, and you are on a quest to regain your powers! As you venture forth, you will earn new spells, discover new lands and face many enemies. Assemble the perfect combination of spells, and use them to exact your revenge.

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Spellsmith is an adventure puzzle game which sees your character step forward into a world of goblins and golems in an effort to regain the magic which was stolen from him. As you level up, you will learn dozens of new spells and it's up to you to learn which combinations work best. Remember – different enemies might require different spells!

The battle is turn-based and untimed, so you can spend as long as you want coming up with the perfect move. You cast spells by drawing in the grid of gems – the harder it is to cast, the more powerful it will be. This is what makes the game unique from typical match-3-style games.

If you manage to complete your adventure and defeat the Goblin King, there is also an alternate game mode available: "the Arena". In the Arena, you face progressively harder enemies, picking up new spells as you go. How long will you last?


About me

Hello! My name is Sunil. I am a game developer living in London. I work full-time as a programmer, and enjoy making little games in my spare-time, when I can squeeze it in. Contact me at sunil@xikka.com if you want to say hi!


The art was all drawn by my brother. Here is some of his concept art: