A collection of things I have made and things I find interesting.

Spellsmith mobile game

iOS / Android — December 2017

A small adventure-puzzle game with an interesting spell casting mechanic. Battle your way through a variety of enemies, choosing the spells which you think work best together.

Spaceheist mobile game

iOS / Android — July 2016

A hectic local co-op game for mobiles. You and your friends must look after a ship with many more things to do than people to do them. You will have to keep on top of every aspect of the ship in order to avert disaster.

NuOdyssey browser game

June 2018

A game I made for Durham University and the Royal Society's Summer exhibition. It aims to teach a little about neutrinos and how they interact.

Codegrid jam entry

October 2015

A silly programming game I submitted to a game jam. You place pieces onto a 2d grid to create simple mathematical programs. Space is limited, so you have to be inventive with your algorithms!

Polis browser game

July 2015

An online adaptation of a boardgame. It's hosted on Board Game Arena, a popular site for online board games.

Wordability browser game

December 2009

I was commissioned to create the multiplayer server for this scrabble-like board game.

Bounce mobile game

iOS — September 2014

A little puzzle game in which you have to direct a bunch of bouncing balls to their correct destinations.

Tank Defence browser game

December 2008

A foray into the tower defence genre. The game was sponsored by Addicting Games, a gaming site owned by MTV.

Z-Wars browser game

February 2009

A pretty standard tower defence game, but I think it's probably the best Flash game I made. It made its way to the front page of Newgrounds, a popular gaming site.

Neon Disks browser game

January 2009

A minimalist Pachinko clone. This game was an entry into a game design competition run by Arcade Town, and ended up finishing in fourth place.

sfh6 Register app

iOS — February 2015

An app I created for a group of schools allowing them to register pupils from mobile devices.